Cooler Master MasterPulse Pro

The manufacturer Cooler Master, one of the leading designers and manufacturers of hardware components for DIY and peripherals, has just introduced their new helmets MasterPulse Pro, designed from the outset to promote the enjoyment and customizing the audio experience of games and movies that users will use them. And although the current model has connection via USB connector type A, for early next 2017 will be another wireless version.

Few things I can tell me about Cooler Master who do not know by now. From computer boxes carrying enough time designing and producing (field which are a benchmark) as their heat sinks, as well as gaming peripherals sold through its second brand “CM Storm” including keyboards, mice included and audio solutions, Cooler Master has always been a benchmark manufacturer when creating components that always shine for their excellent materials used and the excellent results they usually get.
The MasterPulse Pro is a new commitment of this brand in terms of the production of helmets supraaural type (ie, are completely closed and leave the ear completely enclosed in the glass where the driver goes), but with a fundamental difference from models often produce competition: it is the user who decides if he wants to be fully closed (thus rather it be enhanced bass sounds) or open (thereby reducing the bass and the tone of the whole is much more balanced).

Indeed, unmount the outside of the cup where the drivers of 40 mm equipping these headphones are installed, the user can switch between the two modes of sound in just a few moments, without trying to make adjustments to the audio equalizer sound card incorporating those helmets. Of course, this is not an obstacle for him to make these changes because the software control card admits using profiles Music, Gaming, Movies or turning off the equalizer, while supporting sound settings 7.1 Virtual or the famous Bass FX technology.

The Cooler Master Pro MasterPulse go on sale today and will cost € 99.99.

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