Corsair Carbide 400Q and 400C

Corsair, one of the largest manufacturers of components for hardware enthusiasts, presented in the new edition of CES Las Vegas, the two components of its new line of high-performance boxes Carbide, the Corsair Carbide 400C with a completely transparent side, Corsair Carbide and 400Q aimed at enthusiasts seeking high sound inside your computer.

Along the lines of names that we saw a few weeks ago when Corsair Carbide presented the new 600C and 600Q, the new Corsair Carbide 400C and 400Q are boxes midi tower exterior size reduced, but capable of hosting and high performance hardware cooling without problems. For example, the maximum height of the sink in both models is 170 mm, which allow users to install the nicest sinks tower market. But things do not end there. Corsair has a spatial emphasis on compatibility with solutions liquid cooling (either like “All in One” or customized), allowing installation of radiators 360 or 280 mm in front of the box, 240 mm in or upper part 120 mm in the rear of the new Corsair Carbide Series 400. However, Corsair and comes standard with these new boxes two fans of his famous series AF, the Corsair AF140L on the front of the box and Corsair AF120L at the back.

Corsair Carbide 400Q and 400C 2

Corsair Carbide 400Q and 400C 3

Corsair Carbide 400Q and 400C

The new Corsair Carbide 400C (the suffix “C” comes from the word “Clear”) is primarily characterized by a completely transparent side panel from which your users can see unobstructed inside the box, while the Corsair Carbide 400Q (the suffix “Q” comes from the word “Quiet”) ignores the cover panel and uses the entire interior of the box with sound-insulating material, which will make it perfect for users who value above all a environment with minimal distractions sound.

Although the box is small in size, do not be fooled by the size. The new Corsair Carbide Series 400 are compatible even with the larger sizes of existing motherboards on the market, being able to install EATX motherboards in format (Extended ATX) ATX, Micro ATX and Mini ITX for maximum compatibility with the hardware new users already have. And, given that one of the larger components inside the computer hardware enthusiast graphics card, new boxes Corsair models allow installation of up to 370 mm long without any problem

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