Corsair Carbide Clear 600C

In early December Corsair presents its new design boxes invested 600C and 600Q, two boxes with an interior completely redesigned to redefine the internal air flow and improve operating temperatures of the components inside. Although the internal design is invested, it is not like the Silverstone Raven family within which the plate 90 degrees with the outputs being rotated upwards; in Corsair Carbide 600C and 600Q plate is rotated 180 degrees and is inverted, so that the outputs still remaining at the rear of the box but the components mouth settle down, that is, if normally sink lies above the graphics card, in these cases is reversed.
Corsair Carbide Clear 600C
This new arrangement of the components causes the motherboard is flush with the floor of the box, and the power that had long settled on the ground, now is at the top of the case back to the origins but a rather peculiar way. On this day we are going to present our particular analysis model 600C, which differs from 600Q that incorporates a side with a huge window of acrylic plastic that lets you see everything inside (the 600Q has no window, and instead components are installed sound attenuators).

Installing the motherboard rotated 180 degrees and inverted makes access to components and, in this case, the side window is not on the left side of the box but the right side, breaking what had been years being the habitual disposition. Still, Corsair 600C is a box with a spacious interior that allows the installation of virtually any type of hardware, including custom liquid cooling systems.

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