Corsair Dominator Platinum Special Edition

Corsair has announced the launch of its DDR4 RAM more luxury to date, the Dominator Platinum Special Edition. What he wants the manufacturer with this special edition of his memoirs top end is to give a touch of class to their aesthetic for those users looking for the best aesthetics on their computers regardless of the cost. Available in two new exclusive styles, these new kits will be available worldwide from next week, but in a very limited quantity.

The Dominator Platinum Special Edition will be available, as mentioned, in two unique styles: on one hand we have the Chrome mirror-finished, and on the other the Blackout black anodized aluminum color. In both cases the usual light bar is incorporated in the upper to give a special touch to the team.


As a special limited edition and that is, these new memories Corsair only be available worldwide in quantities of 500 units of each kit and color. There will therefore kit 500 units 32GB and 500 units 4x8GB kit 32 GB 2 × 16 GB in both cases to 3,200 Mhz. This means that only be manufactured, in total, 2,000 units, so it really is a very exclusive edition. What Corsair has not said is the price to be launched, but if and normal Dominator Platinum are quite expensive, this limited edition will be even more without question.

Moreover, these memories Corsair have the same characteristics as the usual manufacturer Dominator Platinum, which as you know are the top end. This means that design have 10 layers PCB that supports extreme levels of overclocking without problems, and sink design uses its patented DHX technology.

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