Create a website for free with 3 tools

If you want to create a website, you have to be aware of the fact that it is not exactly the easiest of tasks, and that must necessarily have skills and knowledge appropriate for their target is met. Even more so if you want to get free, or you have the skills, or you use one of several tools available online that allow you to create a website for free with the use of widgets and the ability to customize through themes and other options . So let’s not waste any more time and let’s find out the best 3 tools to create a free website.


First tool that we recommend using Jimdo is, that enables the creation of pages and sites operating with a visual editor directly from your browser, with a platform based on a CMS is for customizing the appearance and the site in general and for the insertion of the contents. Very simple to use, allowing users not versed with programming and codes to get your site effortlessly and free, with good indexing for search engines.


Tumblr is perhaps at this time microblogging platform for excellence, and although more suitable for use in optical company, can be a great tool to create a website for free. Tumblr makes it possible to easily share many types of content, from videos to images through texts, slideshows and music. Your blog is completely customizable with access to the HTML code of the theme, or choosing from hundreds of predefined themes.


The third tool that we recommend to get to have their own website Webs, with which users can create and manage your website using applications, normal pages and other content. There are two types of creation, for experienced users and beginners, and this last mode lets you choose from many themes and widgets for your site making it much simpler operations.

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