Crucial DDR4-2400MT

Crucially, one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of memory and storage upgrades units, presents its new Crucial RAM DDR4-2400MT / 8Gb, based on the use of new memory chips 8Gb capacity Micron and will be targeted primarily at the server market, the type manufactured in modules RDIMM (Registered DIMM), LRDIMM (Load Reduced DIMM) and UDIMM ECC (Error Correcting Code Unbuffered DIMM).

Crucial DDR4-2400MT

The new Micron memory chips incorporating in its new Crucial Crucial memory DDR4-2400MT / 8Gb feature higher performance, energy efficiency and bandwidth. The new memory chips 8Gb can be up to 20% more efficient in terms of power consumption than their old counterparts 4Gb allow greater bandwidth for each channel memory; These benefits allow a higher value and better options Gb expansion servers where they are installed. Having been designed with the new Xeon server processors from Intel in mind, the new Crucial modules DDR4-2400MT / 8Gb are all tested thoroughly and intensively to secure a minimum percentage of failures when they are in operation and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Crucial DDR4 2400MT edit

As data servers are growing in size and performance and are increasingly required in all aspects of their work, the memory requirements that have grown attached. So far RAM modules built with 4Gb chips were used, but new Micron chips with the new Crucial RAM DR4-2400MT / 8Gb is built will give a new breath to existing servers and a considerable increase in width band for its processors, resulting in increased performance in applications that require many accesses to memory addresses. Therefore, future expansion factor of memory has been fully taken into consideration when designing new modules, so that these pose a much lower future disbursement to owners of the servers.

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