Crucial MX300

Crucial, a leading global brand aimed at design and marketing solutions for upgrades memory capacity and storage, has announced additional capabilities of its line of SSDs Crucial MX300. Built for speed and using the most advanced features, new units provide an immediate increase system performance.

With read speeds up to 530 MB / s and write speeds up to 510 MB / s on all file types, whether they are compressible or incompressible, the MX300 Crucial allow users to boot almost instantly programs with great ease and accelerate the most demanding applications, both when playing as when working with the team. The unit is designed with patented Micron 3D NAND, which gets a result a rating of wear resistance of the cells up to 220 total TB in write cycles by wear leveling among all NAND cell unit provide premium performance and prolong its resistance over time.

Crucial MX300

Crucial units MX300 series offer the following advantages in their use:

Hardware encryption using AES 256 bit algorithm.
RAIN technology to store data in various locations on the hard disk at once.
Data Defense exclusive technology that prevents corrupted files.
Adaptive Thermal Protection to keep always fresh team.
The Crucial MX300 is also more than 90 times more efficient in power consumption compared to a typical hard disk. Extreme Energy Efficiency technology within the unit reduces the amount of use of the active power consumed and extends the battery life of the laptop using only 0.075 W power, compared to a typical hard disk using 6.8W.

Now available in capacities of 275 GB, 525 GB, 750 GB and 1 TB, the MX300 Crucial SSD 2.5-inch has a suggested price of £ 64.99, £ 119.99, £ 175.99 and £ 240.99 respectively. The unit is supported by the Executive Storage Crucial tool is backed by a limited three-year warranty and comes with migration software image data Acronis True Image HD. The MX300 will also be available in 2280 M.2 format in all capacities at the end of August this year 2016

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