CTL H4 Chromebook

Are you looking for a laptop under 200 €? Unlike a few years ago, you have many options to choose from with both Windows operating system Chrome OS. Almost everyone has a technical entry-level, sufficient for the main daily task (watch videos, surf the Internet, edit / create documents and so on) and only someone can really emerge. For example, very few low-cost notebooks with 4GB of RAM. Rare, almost impossible to find, but still existing. The new CTL H4 Chromebooks for Education is one of these.

It ‘available in the US to $ 199 (less than 180 euro), integrates a 11.6-inch display, with 4GB of RAM, but runs on a Rockchip RK3288 processor which, besides being now quite dated, it is also much less powerful than an Intel Celeron chip. So it may not be fast enough for your business or create you some problems if you decide to install Ubuntu or another Linux distribution, since some apps are not optimized for the ARM-based processors like this.
Overall though CTL H4 Chromebook looks interesting. Weighs 1 kg, has a range of about 10 hours and a frame semi-rugged and waterproof designed to withstand a (up to) 70 cm, a built-in handle so you can carry your notebook as a briefcase, stereo speakers, HDMI port two USB, one microSD card slot, WiFi and Bluetooth. CTL H4 Chromebook is based on the same concept of CTL NL6: the hinge to open the display up to 180 degrees, making it easy to use in “tablet mode” on a desk when fully open.

Although CTL H4 Chromebook is intended to be among the high school, the company sells almost all of its devices also retail. For example, CTL J2 and J4 Chromebook launched earlier this year are both on sale at about $ 30 less than the list price; if you do not hurry then, we should wait because even this model could be marketed at a price of less than $ 199 in demand today.

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