CTL NL61 Chromebook

CTL has launched a new Chromebook for schools: CTL NL61 Education Chromebook is a 11.6-inch HD model (1366 x 768 pixels) with Intel Celeron processor N3160 (Braswell), 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, in a semi-rugged chassis . At first glance it may seem a CTL NL6x, launched earlier this year, but the new Chromebook takes a different chassis and a faster and more efficient chips, which will undoubtedly also improvements to the battery, estimated at 14 hours.
CTL NL61 Chromebook 2

CTL NL61 Chromebook
CTL NL61 Chromebook is already on sale on the official website of the company at a price of $ 239 (discounted at the launch, because the list price is $ 299), with deliveries in July. Later this year, CTL will also offer a version with a touch display.

The handset is designed for use in the classroom, so it will have to resist the most vibrant alumni: the display lid is thicker than previous models to protect from falls of 70 cm Chromebook, while the plastic reinforced corners can reduce damage occasional bumps and knocks. The keyboard and touchpad are waterproof, so immune spill and moisture. It does not have a convertible design as the last CTL J5, but its hinge allows the screen to open up to 180 degrees, in a mode that can come in handy for sharing and controlling content between multiple students or between the teacher and the student sitting at the same desk.

CTL NL61 measuring 299 x 213 x 21:59 mm and weighs 1:38 kg. It integrates two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0, an SD card reader and an HDMI port. It has a 1-megapixel webcam, which can rotate both in the back and front, and supports WiFi 802.11ac networks. Thanks to the processor adopted, the American company has chosen a fanless design (no fan) that will enable quiet operation Chromebook even when fully loaded or after many hours of work.

The magnetic board, which called CTL X Panel, is optional in this model: you can write and draw with a pen, then erase, and rewrite. It ‘a solution that reflects the personality of children and, at the same time, gives strength to the notebook as it is certified to withstand pressures of 180 Kg. CTL NL61 is aimed at the education market, but it is accessible to everyone on the CTL website provided it is in the United States or Puerto Rico

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