Cube T8 tablet 4G dual-SIM

The first Android tablet price have, in part, replaced the netbook at least for those users who do not need a keyboard and Windows. Over the years, these devices have been perfected and now are able to offer rewarding performance and aesthetics designed already spending around $ 100.

The latest example is the Cube T8, an 8-inch Android pad that comes from one of the best-known Chinese manufacturers also with the Italian public. There are in fact interested repeatedly Cube products and in particular in recent times the Cube I7, a tablet 11.6 “proposed a wide variety of operating systems including also Remix OS.

What makes Cube T8 interesting is that for the price of $ 117 or 111 Euros you have an IPS screen 8-inch platform security hardware Mediatek processor with quad-core ARM Cortex A53 MT8735, an SoC designed specifically for tablets, and connectivity 4G LTE.

In most Cube T8 is dual-SIM, a feature that perhaps on the tablet is superfluous but that could be appreciated by certain types of user. Worthy of note is the dual-band WiFi connectivity. The standard equipment of interfaces is quite standard with a combo audio jack, a microUSB, microHDMI video output and a microSD memory card reader.

The rest of the list of technical specifications include 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, double room front and rear, GPS and a 4000 mAh battery. All wrapped up in a stylish two-tone frame in portrait format that can be challenged even with one hand because it has a width of only 12cm and a weight of 350g. The operating system is Android 5.1.

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