Cubot Max

If you are in the market for a mobile that is a very strong team with a great battery that allows an incredible autonomy, a large capacity expandable storage, a large cameras and, above all, a great IPS screen is clear that the Cubot Max It is going to be the phone of your dreams with its huge 6-inch screen that will delight friends and strangers.

The Cubot Max is undoubtedly a mobile big way you look at it. We speak of a phablet that uses a 6-inch screen with HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels that sits on an IPS matrix with a color range of 16 million and whose digitiser has ability to recognize multiple fingers on its surface simultaneously . The glass that covers the type with curvature is 2.5D more mobile now common in new batch. Imagine the joy to be able to play your games or enjoy your favorite movies and series in such a screen size: you never will miss a single detail of the action you see on the screen.

Cubot Max 4G 06Mover a screen 6 inches requires a fairly powerful processor and Cubot Max certainly incorporates therein, as Cubot has chosen for this model Mediatek MTK 6753A an octa core processor that uses ARM cores A53 that operate at 1.3GHz and, thanks to MediaTek CorePilot technology is capable of activating and deactivating cores according to the workload to which we subjected the terminal at all times, thus maximizing the battery life. Battery having a large size to be 4,100 mAh and that by not using the jack of a unibody body, is perfectly accessible and replaceable in the unlikely event that we exhausted itself and not have at hand no way to charge it. The processor is 64-bit natively, which will improve the performance of applications and, above all, the operating system. The operating system that comes with this model is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
Cubot Max 2

Cubot Max
Cubot Max 4G 01The processor comes with a graphics card Mali T-720 that allows you to move all your games without too many problems, which undoubtedly help the fact that mobile use 3 GB of internal RAM, which greatly facilitate the use of multitasking and will allow you to have many applications at once without the dreaded lag can make any kind of appearance.

As for the internal storage, the Cubot Max comes with 32 GB capacity, which is much given current standards but perfect if you like to take your movies, music, games and TV on mobile everywhere. But if you time you to stay without storage space, the phone incorporates a micro SD slot that allows you to increase this capacity to 128 GB.

Max 4G Cubot 05En camera section, the Max Cubot not far behind since it uses a front camera 1.3 Megapixel (which become 5Mpx through interpolation) and a rear 8MP (which become 13 Mpx by the same process as the front), which is perfect to capture some of the most correct selfies or vacation photos that certainly are enjoying right now (or soon going to enjoy). Of course, with 32 GB of internal storage mobile I do not think you worry too will the number of pictures that go to make.

You can get the Cubot Max in our favorite store GearBest the fantastic price of 120 € thanks to that now they are having a flash out of it. And remember that in GearBest, the price you see is the final price set in your house because you do not charge the shipping to Spain.

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