Cyclists remain the most vulnerable on the road. Overtaking too close, disrespect safety distances, lack of road safety education of other drivers and pedestrians are the main problems. That is why about 50 deaths occur annually. How to avoid this? A project of Spanish origin, although based in UK, proposes the creation of a safety device for cyclists. It is called CycloShield and has some interesting features for bike enthusiasts.

This gadget is designed to be placed under the saddle, almost as if it were a sidelight more. Although it is somewhat bulky, enclosing technology to capture data about user training, but also detect the proximity of reckless drivers. And what is better, burn with your camera to stop their bad driving test or the cause of a possible accident. But there is more. It is also capable of alerting emergency services if finally a hit or any other problem occurs.


At the moment it is developing a project that is seeking funding on Kickstarter platform. A place where anyone can bring investment to change the product and follow all the steps of development and production. Marketing date is set for May 2017, but already has several prototypes that prove their worth.

Road safety
The key CycloShield are your sensors. Thus, located towards the rear of the bike, it is capable of detecting the proximity of vehicles. When the distance between bike and car is less than 5 meters, CycloShield alert the rider with a sound so you know the situation at all times and can, as far as possible avoid the crash. If the distance is cut further and is below the meter and a half, the 5 megapixel camera of the device is activated to record the possible reckless driver, capturing details such as tuition and the make, model and color of the car.

If this does occur, or if the device detects a sudden deceleration of the bicycle, autonomy allows you to automatically send a text message or SMS warning with accurate data to an emergency contact previously established location. Something that offers thanks to its built-in GPS. And yet, after 30 seconds to confirm that this is an accident and not a false alarm warning is responsible for 112 to avoid passing too long before the arrival of emergency services.


Quantification and other functions
The funny thing is that CycloShield also has practical resources for cyclist beyond emergencies. Data such as travel, time or speed to quantify user training. In addition, this device will be compatible with different measurement applications with which to collect all this data using Bluetooth connectivity. If not, you can always connect via your WiFi antenna to a computer. We do not forget your LED lights that help the rider visibility in any situation and its high-capacity battery.

It will also feature an application (currently in development) to find information on the dangers of the road on which traffic moves, or meet the training data.

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