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D-Link has expanded its offering for the smart home or smart home with several new products to enhance the security of each household. On the one hand we have the Connected Home Z-Wave Hub (DCH-G020), which serves as an intermediary to connect the devices to the network. The mydlink Home Door & Window Sensor Z-Wave (DCH-Z110) is a contact sensor to warn users when opening a door or window is produced, while the mydlink Home Battery Motion Sensor Z-Wave (DCH- Z120) is a motion sensor. For its part, the mydlink Home Z-Wave Siren is an alarm with six different shades. Finally, the mydlink Home Water Sensor Wi-Fi (DCH-S160) is a sensor that takes advantage of a cable to quickly detect flooding and send alarm. All these devices can be easily controlled through a dedicated mobile app, and are available at prices between 40 and 80 euros. We tell you all the details.


The mydlink Home platform creates an intelligent home security through various sensors and security cameras. D-Link has sought to improve this system with several teams that complete performance of this system. First, we have the new Connected Home Z-Wave Hub (DCH-G020). This device becomes a basic part of the deal as it serves as an intermediary between devices with wireless Z-Wave (several teams of this new batch use this connectivity) and WiFi home network. The price of the Connected Home Z-Wave Hub (DCH-G020) stands at 80 euros.

The following equipment is the mydlink Home Door & Windows Sensor Z-Wave. In this case, this is a device that has a touch sensor that is placed in doorways or windows. Then these items are opened, send notification directly to your mobile. But in addition, also it has sensors to measure temperature and light. Thus, it can work with other system actions such as automatic shutdown of electrical or heating system. And all with a built-in time of 2 years of battery use. This sensor puts its price to 40 euros.

D-Link Water Sensor – DCH-S160

The D-Link mydlink Home Battery Motion Sensor Z-Wave (DCH-Z120) is a motion sensor that uses battery and sends alerts to your mobile phone. Like the previous device, the Home Battery Motion Sensor has light and temperature gauges to interact with other features of the platform. Its price stands at 45 euros. The D-Link mydlink Home Z-Wave Siren alarm siren is a guy with six different colors to ward off burglars. It also sends notifications directly to mobile Android, iPhone or iPad. Their cost reaches 55 euros. The D-Link mydlink Home Siren access (DCH-S220) is the WiFi version of this alarm. The advantage is that it can sound while motion sensors are activated. Their cost reaches 50 euros.

Finally, the mydlink Home Water Sensor Wi-Fi (DCH-S160) is a sensor to detect flooding. Its great attraction is the presence of a sensor in the form of elongated wire that covers a larger area of ​​detection. This equipment can be connected to an intelligent plug mydlink, for example, this energizing a washing machine. Thus, if a leak is detected automatically turns off. Home prices Water Sensor Wi-Fi is 60 euros.

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