D-Wave 2X

We told you in this notice the agreement had come Google, NASA, the Association of Universities Space Research and D-Wave of evidence and use of quantum computers of the latter, being the D-Wave 2X its novelty more recent.

Quantum computing is highly promising, and we talked about it in a lot of items, but now it is Google which highlights that the computer, the D-Wave 2X, is about 100 million times more powerful than a computer based conventional chips.

D-Wave 2X

A huge difference in performance is given by the way in which they are able to work the qbits or quantum bits, which we know are able to take advantage of what is known as superposition of states, ie can take values ​​of 1, 0 or both simultaneously.

Yet all that power is useless if you do not know advantage and that is precisely one of the most complicated issues currently facing quantum computing, as researchers are focused on finding the best ways to use it.

How could it be otherwise entails costs that can be very high, but that all parties are willing to take, which is understandable, since the results they could get may end up making profitable large investments.

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