Daydream View VR Headset

Just as expected, during the event dedicated to new smartphones and Pixel Pixel XL held yesterday in San Francisco, Google has unveiled its first viewer for Daydream virtual reality platform. His name is Daydream View, costs 69 € and is designed to work with the new smartphone Pixels and Pixel XL, as well as with all the Daydream-ready smartphone.

It will be available in November – in the colors Snow, Slate and Crimson – and will be sold with a motion-sensing controller bundled, which will allow you to interact with VR applications without touching the smartphone, being the brain of the viewer and the screen. The same remote control when not in use, can be stored inside the display (instead of the smartphone) or risk losing it. The controller has a small touchpad and some sensors that allow to recognize hand movements in space and interact with the virtual environment.



Daydream View is covered in fabric, so it feels comfortable and pleasant to wear even for a long time compared to plastic, but unlike some low-cost viewers is also designed for those wearing the lenses regularly: users can adjust the VR devices for future fit comfortably, despite having already spectacles on his nose. Although Google hopes that Android app developers continue to produce titles and VR software that can run on Daydream, the Mountain View company is already working on some Daydream-ready applications including YouTube, Street View, Movies and Photos.

Daydream View

In particular, it now seems real the idea of ​​creating a content based on the Harry Potter world, where the controller becomes your magic wand, and various dedicated to learning applications. According to an announcement by Google this year, will release at least 50 new apps for DayDream that will multiply in the coming months / years. To learn more, visit this page.

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