DeepCool Gamer Storm Genome II

The Chinese manufacturer of computer boxes and cooling solutions, both air and liquid DeepCool, has decided to renew one of its most original as is the case Gamer Storm with its new version product Genome II in which a cooling kit included Captain liquid Genome triple 120mm fan and a reserve with a unique design illuminated by LEDs that will delight all users who especially care about the style of the box.

Box Gamer Storm Genome was presented ago, actually quite a short time since dates from the beginning of this 2016, so it is still surprising that DeepCool have decided to take a second review of this with the new Genome II. Like the previous model, this new box is intended primarily gamers and general users who do not want to complicate your life wondering if a box is compatible with a model liquid cooling. To remedy this situation the most, DeepCool has decided to integrate the latest generation of its successful liquid-cooled closed-type AIO Gamer Storm Captain with box, ensuring that the assembly it will be free of any possible incompatibility between it and the box circuit .

The cooling liquid is formed by a water pump inserted next to block water and capable of mounting a radiator three fans 120 mm for transverse length of 360 mm. It incorporated in the circuit is a reserve, which is quite unusual in liquid coolings of AIO type, inside which has created a design DeepCool vertical double helix that is installed on the front dela box, giving it a very unique design.

Inside the box is designed to have room for computer hardware most highly topical, having seven vertical slots for expansion cards with an extra pair that will serve their users to place a graphics card placed vertically thanks to including a PCIe x16 Gen 3 adapter, a part of 320 mm in length for installation of graphics cards extra large length and an adapter to install on the front of a radiator 240 mm. The box also has two 3.5-inch bays plus two 2.5-inch and weighs about 12 kg, so it is not suitable to be worn as a team to a LanParty, unless ye car or someone that you can take and collect.

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