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DeepCool has announced the launch of its new GamerStorm Genome special edition box, an issue they have designed in collaboration with Asus to feature the well-known ROG (Republic of Gamers) series design of the manufacturer. It will be available from the end of this month.

The original Gamer Storm Genome box was introduced at the beginning of this year 2016, and its second version (on which this box is based) was released earlier this month. Like the original model, this new box is intended mainly for players and users in general who do not want to complicate life thinking if a box is compatible with a model of liquid cooling or another. DeepCool has decided to integrate the latest generation of its successful closed circuit AIO Gamer Storm Captain type liquid cooling with the box, ensuring that the assembly will be free of any possible incompatibility between the case and the box .

Genome 1

The liquid cooling is formed by a water pump plus tank inserted in the front with a vertical double propeller design, giving a rather unique appearance. It also has the usual block of water and radiator of 360 mm length that incorporates factory three fans 120 mm in diameter.

As for the rest of the hardware features, it is worth noting that it is capable of accommodating any type of modern hardware, including graphics up to 320 mm in length, an additional front radiator of 240 mm and a total of six hard disks being two 3.5 “and four 2.5”, the latter on the back of the motherboard. It does not have compatible with dissipadores since as indicated before already incorporates of factory a liquid cooling system.



The design of this special edition, as we said at the beginning, has the motives of Asus ROG, with a matte black color and touches of red common in this family of products. It also has an Asus ROG logo that lights in white and red, and the fans in this case are LED and configurable using the Asus Aura software.

At the moment the manufacturer has not said anything about the concrete release date (end of this month) nor the price. It will be expensive, so keep in mind that it includes liquid cooling and it is a special edition.

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