Dell Gaming SE2417HG

Without notice, Dell has put in stores (currently only on the official website of the brand in China) the new Dell monitor SE2417HG Gaming, the first family of 17 series which in theory would not reach the market until the beginning of the year coming.

Dell Gaming SE2417HG

This is actually a fairly basic monitor if you stick to the standards that we handle today, as it incorporates an LED 23.6-inch TN panel with Full HD resolution though, is specifically designed for Gaming and therefore although its refresh rate is 60 Hz, has only 1 ms latency. Yes, somehow Dell has modified the LED-TN panel to be able to show 6 bit + FRC and 8 bit color, covering the entire sRGB color standard and delivering a maximum brightness of 300 cd / m2 with a contrast ratio of 1000: 1 real.

Regarding the design did not find anything that differentiates this from other SE2417HG monitor Dell families because both the frame and the base are the many years we have been seeing (and if so why change is giving good results) although however, in this case Dell has integrated a touch controls on the frame.

Finally it should be noted that the monitor and video inputs including two HDMI 1.4 and VGA ports, so as you see this monitor curiously has the same entries as the usual midrange IPS LED panel, lacking such DisplayPort and DVI .

As we mentioned earlier Dell already has the listed monitor in its Chinese website, although early. Therefore it is quite likely that we have to wait until January to see it listed in the European manufacturer’s website, but fortunately we have the Chinese price that Dell has put equivalent to about 217 euros.

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