Dell Workstation Mobile Precision 7000 Xeon E3 v5

After the presentation last fall, Dell announced a refresh for mobile workstation Precision 7000 series, designed for professionals who have to manage very demanding workloads. The terminals have a very compact form-factor systems that can now count on the latest Intel Xeon processors, in detail the E3-1545 and E3-1575 models v5 v5, able to offer a performance boost of 20% compared to the previous generation.

It should also be noted that these CPUs (TDP 45W) mounted an integrated graphics chip Iris Pro 580, a GPU that provides good graphics performance thanks to an onboard cache of 128MB. In addition to this, Dell will offer the ability to mount up to 32 GB DDR4 memory with 2667 MHz frequency.

Dell Workstation Mobile Precision 7000 Xeon E3 v5

Models that will benefit from this update are the mobile workstation Precision 7510 and 7710. As you can easily guess, the use of the new Intel Xeon will lead to a slightly higher price, calculated that only Xeon E3-1545 v5 costs $ 679, while E3 -1575 v5 is up to $ 1,207.

Dell also announced updates for the mobile workstations Dell Precision 5510 has now a i5-6440HQ Core processor, and the availability of Reliable Memory Technology Pro on 3510 models, 7510 and 7710, with ECC memory support, to ensure the protection of data.

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