Denon Heos 1 and Denon Go Pack

Denon has lowered the Denon Heos 1 (speaker) and Heos 1 Go Pack (battery Bluetooth) to mark the summer to 160 euros, a very attractive price considering that it is a sound system wirelessly with a quality enough interesting. We met a speaker and a base to listen to our favorite music composed by two built woofers and a tweeter dome. If we join the Heos 1 Go Pack, we have a battery that provides approximately six hours of music and a Bluetooth support for using and make it easier to play music anywhere you go.

The Denon Heos 1 shines full with your Go Pack. By itself, this speaker only works when connected to the Internet. Its concept is clear: to connect to the WiFi network and create a piped music throughout the house. The speaker can be combined with other equipment Heos, creating a more complex, or work as a single wireless computer system. With the Go Pack included for the same price, we will add a base with a capable to offer up to six hours of music battery. It also includes a USB adapter with Bluetooth connectivity to connect to the phone or any other device easier. As you see, we can give a lot of play when we have to take a trip to the speaker.
Denon Heos 1 and Denon Go Pack 2

Denon Heos 1 and Denon Go Pack
Denon Heos

This speaker has a sleek look with dimensions of 189 x 129 x 128 mm and a weight of 1.9 kilos. It is waterproof thanks to IPX4 certification, which means that the speaker will not be damaged in the event that received some kind of splash. The Denon Heos 1 speaker features two class D amplifiers for sound reaches every corner of the room. Also it equipped with a woofer that fits into the speaker and tweeter high acoustic scattering. To control the speakers and remote playback, the user can install the Heos Denon App, completely free application available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Apart from WiFi connectivity, the Deos Heos 1 has a USB adapter that is included him Bluetooth connectivity. This means you can link to other computers by synchronizing the speaker. Another way to listen to music from another computer, connect it directly through the auxiliary port with an audio cable. The same happens with the option of listening to music on a flash drive we have. When connecting the USB memory to the back of the speaker, we can access its content directly from your mobile device. The Denon HEOS 1 will be available all summer next to Heos Go Pack for 160 euros. This is a very attractive promotional price and best to date. He had previously paid 200 euros, although its starting price was 350 euros

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