Desky ASRock Z170 CPU Skylake

But first things first. As we well know, so u can be clocked Intel Core processors with a “K” in the name. Although exceptions are, for example, annual Haswell Refresh in the form of Pentium G3258, but generally you can overclock just “Ducky” by changing the multiplier. In doing so, they are then preserved all things as values ​​of frequencies of buses, the functionality of the integrated graphics core and Turbo Boost.

Desky ASRock Z170 CPU Skylake

Intel can not overclock by default, although manufacturers with each generation always looking for ways to allow some the OC. Even at Skylake it is, namely by changing the frequency of the main bus. ASRock cites as an example that SkyOC able to overclock the relatively cheap Intel Core i5-6400 from its turbo clock of 3.3 GHz to 4.3 GHz very nice. Core i5-6400 has a base clock cycle while the 2.7 GHz, so to him it comes to overclocking by more than half. Decent, but with one big but. Actually the two.

This certainly lower for most of us, the OC via the bus does not run on ASRock boards correctly integrated graphics on the CPU, so you need to have a dedicated slot. This larger but here however is that when not working SkyOC turbo boost mode, which means that the CPU and the rest “rolls” for the full frequency. And effectively its owner back to the times before the first Pentium or SpeedSteppem the first Athlon XP-M. This is a tax that must be paid for the possibility of high OC without having to spend a lot of power for CZK unlocked processor with K in the title.

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