Digno Rafre

Until now, manufacturers have launched smartphones that could be submerged in water. But it has already taken a step further. And it has done with the launch of Kyocera Rafre Worth, which is characterized by being the first phone that can be washed with soap and water like a plate. A terminal for the cleaning maniacs and for those who always wants to live a totally glowing screen.


Although it may seem unthinkable, the truth is that it is not and Ringo Rafre is real. Kycoera has been commissioned to develop this mobile in which there is no place for bacteria-the screen of a terminal contains 30 times more bacteria than a toilet according to a study by the University of Barcelona or for dirt.

This is achieved because Ringo Rafre has a waterproof performance, which facilitates the display and housing hand wash using soap, making it possible to clean under running water from a tap running without having to worry about it spoil.

Rafre worthy, mobile washable
Impermeability is achieved lacking or external microphones and speakers that are located within the housing, so there is no problem if the terminal is dropped into a bowl of water in the tub … Thus, it is possible to use when if cooking by staining or similar activities.

Apart from this feature, one of the main features of Ringo Rafre is its screen, which is touch and is prepared so that you can use even if wet. The operating system is Android Lollipop, in version 5.1, and has a 13 megapixel camera. The battery of 3.00 mAh, offers a range of 1300 minutes.

Price and Availability

Ringo Rafre will go on sale on December 11 at a price of around 436 euros. So far, it has been released in Japan.

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