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DJi back to say her with Pro Mavic and responds to the competition in the past month has shown new and interesting drones, GoPro Karma on all. The new arrival will change the cards in the house DJI thanks to an ultra-portable design and a reduced format, with less bulk and folding arms that facilitate the transport. No particular compromise, the Mavic Pro is in fact small and powerful, equipped with the latest technologies on board and do not regret his older brothers Phantom.

then we talk about numbers and specifications. Mavic Pro has a three-axis gimbal for photos and videos stabilized, inevitable component of these UAVs, and even processor (still unknown) that ensure the various flight modes management. On this model we find the new FlightAutonomy guidance system that combines in a single satellite navigation, redundant sensors, ultrasonic field detectors and cameras with five viewing positions. All elements that serve to improve the stability and maximum maneuverability avoiding obstacles.

 DJI has spent the last decade making flying easier pertutti, and rethinking the entire appearance of the drone, we created a completely new type of aerial platform to allow everyone to explore lapropria creativity – said Frank Wang, founder and CEO DJI – Pro Mavic is a technological triumph full of features that show, once again, as DJI . inmodo particular, the MavicPro allows you to easily reach the sky, the world should go see daunanuovaprospettiva and telling unpublished stories inmodo ”

Improved ActiveTrack for recognition of subjects, transportation and other moving parts to follow, particularly required mode by filmmakers who can shoot the scene without high that divert attention primary element. A similar thing happens with the TerrainFollow, feature that allows you to chase the subject sloping keeping the drone at a constant distance of between 3 and 10 meters.

The integrated camera with 12 MP image sensor takes pictures in RAW, and also records video in 4K at 30 fps and full HD at 120fps, with advanced optics can also focus on elements within a minimum of 0.5m away . Most experts will be happy to test the Sport Mode, with an increase of the maximum speed up to 64 km / h, agility and responsiveness, but it will also reduce it to a minimum (up to 3.6 km / h) for any flights within spaces limited (Tripod mode).


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There are two additional components that make this MavicPro even more tempting: the first is the controller, smaller than usual and comes with the new communication system that guarantees OcuSync (theoretically) video streams at 1080p up to 7 km away. A new solution that has enabled DJI to make his drone even more social, it will be possible to start the Live controller on Facebook, Youtube and Periscope broadcasts. The controller has been redesigned, it has the control levers that provide feedback when it detects an obstacle and is not the only device needed for the flight, or you can indeed take advantage of the smartphone (via app) or both.

The other news are the DJI goggles that allow us to experience flight in a completely different way, viewing live images from the drone that broadcasts at 1080p. Even in these glasses the live stream will be managed by OcuSync, but in this case has been further reduced the lag of the delay of 80 milliseconds lobbies for better maneuverability and precision. As soon as we wear the goggles, a downward movement will lower the cameras, while glancing left or right we’ll turn the drone in the respective directions.

Finally security: the network of five cameras with sensors allows the recognition of obstacles up to 15 m to 36 km / h and prevents head-on collisions in flight. There are even barometric readings that identify any underlying reliefs and automatically communicate to the propellers to push a little ‘more about the drone, not to mention the assistance provided by the GEO geofencing system DJI introduced recently in order to automatically prevent flight some prohibited areas.

In case of low battery or lost in flight also mark the Mavic Pro will be able to return to the starting point, thanks to the Precision Landing System, for each takeoff, will in fact recorded a video with two stereo cameras and related GPS information. not have to wait long to have it, the first Mavic Pro will in fact marketed by DJI to October in the three main store in Shenzhen, Seoul and Hong Kong, but in November will also come in the Apple Store. Cost in line with the competition and amounted to $ 749 without the controller, we will update you as soon as possible with prices dedicated to the Italian market.

UPDATE – Mavic Pro costs € 1199 in Europe with the included controller. Intelligent flight batteries Mavic Pro will cost 99 Euro. A Mavic Pro Fly More Combo, which includes Mavic Pro, two batteries of extra intelligent flight, additional propellers, a charging station, an adapter and a bag, will be available for 1499 Euro. Preorder already active on and expeditions scheduled for October 15. Optional the DJI Care Refresh that protects against accidental damage to the Pro Mavic aircraft, to the gimbal or camera in normal use up to 12 months, and for an additional price offers up to two new transmissions or equivalent. The DJI Care Refresh is available at 119 Euro.

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