DJI Hasselblad drone filmaker

Last November DJI acquired a small part of Hasselblad’s actions, today the move takes shape and the two companies unveil a custom exacopter and turned to professional aerial photography. There’s a whole new drone, the base is a matrix 600 pro-level carrying a Hasselblad medium format A5D, an exceptional duo able to pale in comparison.

The M600 remind you that we have the A3 flight control and transmission system Lightbridge 2, this means the possibility of direct broadcasting to 1080p and load capacity of 6 kg. Photo on the front there’s really nothing to fear, the A5D-50c has a 50 MP CMOS sensor and has been designed especially for high-resolution aerial photographs, included in the kit a goal HC 3.5 / 50mm-II.

DJI Hasselblad drone filmaker

we have unfortunately no indication on the price, which promises to be very high: the only MX-M600 with Ronin gimbal costs almost $ 6,000, which will be added the cost of the Hasselblad camera. DJI was then further raised the bar for professionals, with this ‘monster’ six propellers can even get remotely 5 km away

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