DJI launch drones with up to 80 Megapixel camera

Chinese manufacturer DJI is the undisputed leader in the market for drones, both for its advanced location systems such as flight autonomy, quality of materials, or their cameras. Although the manufacturer makes their own cameras for drones, they wanted to go a step further and have been associated with the manufacturer Hasselblad to soon launch drones equipped with cameras up to 80 Mpx. Almost nothing.

And one of the most popular features in today’s drones are their cameras, especially to record video from the heights. Before we told you that DJI and manufactures its own cameras, but has not hesitated for a moment when partnering with the iconic brand of photography Hasselblad, so if so far DJI was leader to offer the best drones, now it will be even more to offer the best cameras for them. It is not unusual if we consider that in the month of November, DJI bought shares in the Hasselblad group.


DJI launch drones with up to 80 Megapixel camera

Quality movie. This is what DJI Matrice promises with its new 600, the flagship of the brand that now incorporate the ability to mount cameras Swedish company Hasselblad, with options for 50 and even 80 Mpx. The model of the camera that can be incorporated in the Matrice 600 DJI is the Hasselblad A5D, designed specifically for aerial shots. This camera has at least two variants, because as we mentioned earlier models 50 and 80 Mpx be mounted on the Matrice 600. It has all the latest technologies of photography, with a medium format sensor quite compact and lightweight body so that the drone does not have problems carrying hanging (and still the overall weight exceeds 4 kg). This camera has aperture f / 2.5 and allows focus to infinity.


Of course as you already imaginaréis, this brutality of hardware will have a fairly high price, and the Matrice 600 is aimed at professional photographers, surveyors and cartographers among other things. The price of the drone in question of the $ 4,599, and is compatible with gimbals as Ronin-MX, or the Lightbridge 2 system to ensure maximum stability and transmission quality. Of course, in this case, if we combine drone, camera and gimbal price soars: 24,400 euros

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