DXRacer driving simulators

DXRacer, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in seats Gaming has announced the launch of its first system specifically designed for lovers of driving simulators or pilotage, DXRacer Racing Simulator. This system is prepared so that the user can sit (forgive the redundancy) as in a racing car regardless of what peripherals are.

The first product in this new family manufacturer is the PS / F03 / NR chair has no wheels and lift as they have in the catalog of chairs for PC; instead mounted on a fixed support or one with an elevator for convenience but also fixed to emulate the seat of a car (I must say that before making chairs Gaming, DXRacer manufactured chairs for sports cars, so experience have) .

In addition to the seat and the support, the system also needs additional support which will anchor the steering wheel and pedals to keep the entire system. Altogether we have several options that you can see in the manufacturer’s website and basically consist of the seat with its support (fixed and mobile) and support for steering wheel and pedals. In any case, the complete system with the fixed support is priced at $ 448 while the system with adjustable “good” support would cost $ 487, shipping separately. Certainly not cheap out, although fans driving simulators will, of course, delighted.

The support wheel has dimensions designed to be able to place both a system of steering wheel gearshift and pedals on the floor, allowing anchor fixed, such as a keyboard and a mouse, for as ye will have already set is right an additional anchor . According DXRacer, they have made up to 72 test quality of this system to provide high strength and durability, and offer two-year warranty. In the manufacturer’s website and can make the purchase, but (perhaps mistaken me) I see no way to pay in euros.

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