Dyson Big Ball

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball
The Dyson brand has invented a vacuum cleaner in case of capsizing, returns alone to its original position: the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball. Since the company boast that is a model which finishes with stability problems of other vacuums sleigh and offering a “streamlined” design, thanks to which it is able to sit alone if it overturns. The model weighs less than 8 kilos and is easily handled thanks to the flexible handle.

Dyson Big Ball 2

Dyson Big Ball

A vacuum cleaner without bags and toilet cleaning system
Dyson company follows the trend that has already shown in previous models of vacuum cleaners and thus offers a model without bags. The main feature of the design, as is logical, is in the spherical shape.

Within the sphere, the manufacturer has placed all important and heavier pieces, so that, in case of oscillation, the vacuum force to recover the initial position and prevent tipping entire apparatus. The management is also provided with a flexible handle and a cable longer than in previous models of Dyson.

Moreover, Dyson vacuum Cinetic Big Ball does not need regular maintenance because they do not have any type of filter need to be cleaned. Since the apparatus does not use bags, one should not bother to replace them.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

The toilet cleaning system is possible because, as is emptying the clear bin in the trash, there is a silicone necklace that slides down to drag all trapped dirt and carrying it out. With this method, therefore it is not necessary to touch the dust or debris with your hands in no time.

With respect to capacity, the distribution of the components inside the ball (both the system collects-cables and the motor and other small parts) have been placed in such a way that can extend about 33% the amount of capacity with respect to previous models of Dyson vacuum cleaners. Also the tube is longer than in other models and has a length of 1.25 meters.

Dyson system maintains the suction Cinetic
Another of the key features of this vacuum is Cinetic Dyson incorporating technology, by which not lose suction and can capture small particles (up to 0.3 microns). No filter and separates the particles with the special tube also avoids the extra effort to remove dirt by hand at the time of cleaning.

More details on the vacuum cleaner
The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball incorporates a Musclehead brush automatic adjustment to clean the floor in any position, and a motherboard in the area of ​​the brush head to detect the type of surface and raise or lower the entire brush and improve well suction on surfaces such as carpets or rugs. The appliance weighs about 7.5 kg total.

Dyson vacuum Cinetic Big Ball is already available in Spain and Portugal for about 430 euros and comes with a five year warranty.

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