EEGsmart Touch

Expressions neural interfaces and BCI Brain-Controlled Interface, will very likely be unknown to many of you, but do not talk about something else that the possibilities, pursued for a long time, to create an interface for direct communication between the brain and devices such as a computer. We use daily as the touch interface, the mouse and keyboard but assume a role gradually increasing the so called natural interfaces, such as voice commands and tracking eye movement.
The interaction with the tablet, gaming console or the desktop, it would not be easy and quick enough if you think of a command or an operation and the device eseguisse? It is a fundamental field of research for the disabled, and over time it has developed effective invasive or semi-invasive, but fortunately there are also totally non-invasive BCI technologies. One of these is called EEG, an acronym that stands for electroencephalography and allows you to record the electrical activity of the brain by means of special sensors.

EEGsmart Touch

EEGsmart Touch is a helmet for the neural interface
The objective of EEGsmart is to make this technology accessible to everyone both for medical purposes either in play-intrattenitivo. Not talking about long-term goals but something immediate because the Chinese House has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign for his helmet BCI EEGsmart called Touch.

The campaign had a goal very low and has already been largely overcome, but it is still active and you can take the opportunity to grab one of these helmets for the special price for the backers of $ 199 or $ 499 complete with lightsaber! How does EEGsmart Touch? In reality there is only the hardware component of the helmet, but there is also a software component that includes apps for Android and iOS, and a development kit SDK with a set of APIs that can be used by third parties to build applications compatible.
EEGsmart Touch is completely non-invasive
The hardware side, the helmet has a very discreet albeit decidedly futuristic, and is home to the front of a PCB with contoller specifically to process information coming from 6 EEG sensors “dry” and two reference sensors that are placed on the ear lobes by two clips. So just wear EEGsmart Touch without having to paste directly on the skin sensors or other operations that make use of the device complicated and inconvenient.
EEGsmart Touch recognizes 6 directions and 4 emotions
For now EEGSmart Touch can recognize a few commands and elementary information: listens 6 directions, up, down, left and right, back and forth, and your emotions. For example it can be used to control the drones or other equipment RC, or if you can recognize a lapse in concentration due to falling asleep while driving.
Production Touch EEGsmart is scheduled for February 2016 while deliveries are expected to start from June 2016.

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