EIZO Corporation Monitor FlexScan EV2780

EIZO Corporation today announced the launch of its new FlexScan EV2780 monitor, the first of its range of monitors that uses a USB connector type C for the transmission of data, whether image, sound or files, simplifying and clearing considerably desktop cables that may hinder daily use that users make of this monitor and disfigure his desk with the usual tangle of cables.

The new monitor EIZO, apart from the possibility of using the USB cable type C also incorporates more traditional video inputs, to include a port for DisplayPort and one for HDMI cables, all of which support HDCP. A part of the data collection USB type C, the FlexScan EV2780 also incorporates hub with two USB 3.1 ports first generation and connector type A, from which users can upload their mobile or pass data from the computer to a removable memory vice versa. The power supply is built into the monitor itself, so users will not have transformers on the ground, leaving it much more clear.

EIZO FlexScan EV2780 01The monitor has an active matrix of IPS type with LED lighting type employing an external design that has tried to minimize the edges of the screen, which makes it a perfect candidate for use in computers requiring multi monitor configurations. The resolution of the array is 2K in the traditional format and 16: 9 (2560 x 1440 pixels). Has viewing angles image 178º, both vertical to the horizontal, can represent 16.77 million colors. Its brightness is 350 cd / m2, the contrast is 1000: 1 and response time GtG (Grey to Grey) is 5 ms, making it a fairly quick and suitable unit for use in action games in first person, as well as to watch movies where there is much movement of the image without any ghosting issues with the matrix.

Finally, monitor stand allows height adjustment up to 155 mm, rotation of 90 ° for up vertically, tilting forward and backward at -5 ° to 35 ° in and turn the whole set up 344º to either side either right or left.

EIZO has not provided the price that will have the FlexScan EV2780.

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