EK Water Blocks Nvidia Titan X

EK Water Blocks, the maker of Slovenia dedicated to the design and production of components for use in equipment liquid cooling custom high quality, announced the water blocks full coverage for the reference model of the new graphics card top Nvidia TITAN X range which uses the brand new and powerful graphics core GP102, which is the new architecture bvasado in Pascal.

The new block of water, called EK-FC Titan X Pascal, directly cools the graphics core, the GRAM memory and the VRM (modules voltage regulation) as water flows directly over these areas particularly critical, allowing so both the core of the graphics card as the VRM to remain stable in all conditions, even when subjected to high overclocks.

Water blocks EK-FC Titan X Pascal have the characteristic central inlet coolant designed by EK Water Blocks for later divided into two paths in a perfect design to maximize cooling performance liquid everything possible . This system also works seamlessly with a water flow reversed without adversely affecting the cooling performance. Furthermore, this design provides a large hydraulic performance, allowing this product to be used in liquid cooling systems using weaker water pumps.

EK Water Blocks Nvidia Titan X 2

The base water block is made of electrolytic copper (either without any coating or one made of nickel plated, depending on the variant), while the top is made of either acrylics or Acetal type POM. Variants employing a Plexiglas cover slots also feature two pre-drilled to install two LEDs 3 mm. Separators made of brass and bolted to the base are pre-installed and allow the installation procedure, safe and headaches.

These water blocks are made in Slovenia and are available for pre-booking through EK Webshop exclusively. The first block will begin shipping from next Tuesday, 16 August 2016 backplanes aesthetic retention, which also cools the rear (IC memory and VRM) of the circuit board, also will be available for purchase separately in the coming weeks

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