Elephone Elecam 360

In China is to have the Elephone ELECAM 360 a relatively favorable action camera. You can record 360 ° videos, and works with a dual-lens system. According to the manufacturer, the camera z. B. to videos is skydiving, surfing or take on concerts. The video of the two lenses are seamlessly interconnected. It can even accommodate special VR clips in VR mode. Also Wi-Fi connections and networks with smart phones are of course possible. The Elephone ELECAM 360 battery is 1,500 mAh and is about holding a hours when both cameras are active.

There is also a small LCD screen with 0.96 inch and 128 x 64 pixels integrated. The recordings of the action camera can be stored on microSD cards up to 32 GB. Videos takes Elephone ELECAM 360 with 1,920 x 960 pixels at 30 fps. Photos turn be 1,504 pixels knipsen with up to 3,008 x. Networking with smartphone works on Apple iOS 7 or Android 4.2.Elephone Elecam 360

Included with the Elephone ELECAM 360 is currently free on a memory card with 32 GB. Internally, the manufacturer of the chipset Sunplus SPCA6350M. Videos as H.264 / MOV recorded and photos as JPG files. The weight of the action camera is 120 grams and the dimensions at 6 x 4.9 x 3.2 cm. Included also a bicycle holder, a helmet holder, an adapter for a quarter of an inch, a 3M-sticker, a USB cable and provide a memory card are included.

Currently the Elephone ELECAM 360 in our Chinese partners Shop GeatBest only 122.84 EUR incl. Shipping costs to Germany. Although Regular would no customs fees to, as the value of goods is less than 150 euros, very comfortable but the import tax of 19%. If you want to bypass those can choose Germany Express delivery service, then accepts GearBest customs clearance at a small cost.

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