Enermax ETS-T50 Axe

Enermax, the leader in the design and manufacture of power supplies, cases, fans and heat sinks for the market of DIY computer company presents its new models of dissipative top end ETS-T50 Axe, some sinks with cooling capacity up 250 W and has has a patented design that increases air flow through the aluminum sheets sink.

The new high performance heat sink ETS-T50 Enermax Axe combines in its design patents to 7 unique brand aimed at creating the perfect sink. Of these, the most relevant patents are:

Design that makes the air flow by differential pressure. Using the Venturi effect, the sink makes the air through a narrowed area, thereby increasing the flow velocity of the air stream through the aluminum sheets up to 15%, which ends up resulting in a better heat dissipation.
Design guides air. In the back of the sink, Enermax has mounted a rotating guides that serve to redirect the stream of hot air leaving the sink to where the fan from the back of the box that we use has been.

Enermax ETS-T50 Axe

Asymmetrical design heatpipes that displace the center of the heatsink toward the back of the box, freeing the space there right next to and on top of the memory slots so that we can install modules with high heat sinks and do not interfere with fan that Enermax included.
DFR fan technology (Dust Free Rotation). When we launch our team, the fan associated with the sink for 10 seconds will rotate in the opposite direction to normal operation to remove dust that has accumulated since the last time we use the computer. In this way, we prevent the dust from accumulating on the fan and especially its bearings, thereby increasing the useful life thereof.
Enermax shows two models of this new Axe, ETS-T50-BVT bearing a coating of black ceramic on the body sink and uses fans Vega class, and the ETS-T50-WVS bearing the finished ceramic coating arctic white color and a fan that he can change the LED lighting displays. . Removing that, both heatsinks are equal: both dissipate up to 250 W of power, employing five copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter and are compatible with sockets:

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