Enermax Steelwing micro ATX

Enermax announced the launch of its new box Steelwing, which claims to be a masterpiece of engineering. Made to accommodate micro ATX systems high-end liquid cooling systems including custom, the Steelwing is completely made of aluminum and incorporates patented LED fans Enermax lighting to give a touch of personal color.

The Enermax Steelwing is made of aluminum as we said before, and this gets to have a thickness of up to 3.5 mm in some areas to ensure robustness. This makes the box look indeed very pretty (it is what has the aluminum), while it is true that the look is not for everyone because the manufacturer has decided to offer only red or green as you can see in the picture header. The all-aluminum manufacture it greatly enhances heat dissipation, which according Enermax is triple the passive capacity of a box made of steel.

Inside we find a semi open design that allows the installation of custom liquid cooling systems. The power supply is mounted suspended in the air above the motherboard, which certainly leaves us little room to sink unless we install processor liquid cooling system. It allows install fonts standard ATX format, graphics up to 290 mm in length and dissipating only 135 mm high.

At the moment Enermax has not said how much it will cost or what time Steelwing begin to see it in stores, but being completely made of aluminum can expect a fairly high, even if we exorbitant price. That will not be surprised to see it in stores within little over 200 euros, because more or less is what we assume it will cost.

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