Epson PaperLab

Epson has introduced a device called PaperLab. PaperLab – the first in the world, according to the company, the compact machine for the production of new paper from recycled old.
Installation dimensions of 2.6 x 1.2 x 1.8 m is intended for offices and small businesses. It is quite productive and, importantly, does not require water to produce new paper. Epson claims that in a minute PaperLab able to release 14 sheets in A4, which corresponds to almost 7,000 pages per eight-hour working day. That is, the device can create a new paper at a rate exceeding the performance of many printers.

Epson PaperLab

Installing Epson PaperLab able to create paper with great speed
Naturally, the plant is capable of producing paper of various sizes, weights and thicknesses. Moreover, it can create colored paper and even paper with flavor. Maximum size, apparently limited to A3 paper.
Other details yet. In particular, the curious power PaperLab. The prototype will be on display at Eco-Products 2015, which opens in a few days. PaperLab Production should start in Japan next year. The price data is also there.

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