Fairphone 2

Fairphone 2 is a smartphone with a modular design, a feature that makes it easy to repair, especially in economic terms. Plus it’s built with materials ethically “clean”, ie coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo, from mines controlled by workers and not by militias, with Chinese manufacturing partner attentive to the “program of recycling of electronic waste” and away from child labor.

As its name suggests is the second smartphone made by the team Fairphone and since its announcement, has generated a lot of interest rules for its construction “ethical” and “sustainable”, as the modules that make up are (potentially) upgradeable in future. Him we saw some prototype over a year ago but only now, about five months after the pre-order Fairphone 2 is ready for shipping. The first batch will be very limited with 200 smartphone available, followed by 800 units for the second batch. Those who order one in December, however, should receive it in January.

But do not expect, features “wow”: those who buy Fairphone 2 does especially the potential of smartphones, rather than for its technical details, like that of a good smartphone of 2013 the price of a premium end of 2015. If you remember, in fact, Fairphone 2 costs 529 Euros and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, 5-inch display, WiFi 802.11ac, 4G-LTE and Android 5.1. Just by way of comparison, OnePlus X has similar features but costs less than half.
But some of you might be willing to pay that amount for a smartphone upgradeable in the future, built according to the “best practices”.

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