Fitbit Blaze and Alta

Fitbit adds new features to the software for Fitbit Blaze, including widespread notifications on smartphones, reminders for movement and new clock faces, even smarter for fitness experience, motivating and personalized. Fitbit also presents new stylish and elegant design, including a Special Edition Gold series, plus other textures and high quality finishes, for Fitbit, and Fitbit High Blaze, along with other famous fashion brand accessories Public School and Tory Burch.

Since their launch in early 2016, Alta and Blaze were the most sold products in their categories according to NPD Group. For the second quarter of 2016, Blaze was in fact the fitness watch number 1 in the US, while High was ranked second in sales of fitness trackers and wearable category in the United States, after Fitbit Charge HR. Moreover, Alta and Blaze got an excellent placement in the rankings and received 4 or more stars on Amazon in the US.
 Fitbit Blaze and Alta 2

Fitbit Blaze and Alta
Fitbit Blaze
The smart fitness watch becomes smarter, more motivating
Fitbit offers new features for all users Fitbit Blaze in September with a free software upgrade that will improve the fitness experience, helping them to stay more active, always in touch with what matters most to them, and with new ways to customize your own tracker.
Reminder for the movement – help to stay active and reduce the parking time. Now, the feature is available on the display with the real-time progress monitoring. Some messages with vibration can be customized to suit your habits and help to motivate the user to achieve a mini-goal of 250 steps per hour (about 2-3 minutes walk), congratulating a goal achieved.

Notifications smart extended will be available from September. To stay in touch with what matters most to users. The smartphone notifications can now be displayed on the device with an extended message on the screen and a vibrating alert. Among these, notifications from applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, WeChat, and more. Also, you can only customize the ones you want to receive.
New clock faces offer more ways to change the device look: five new dials for a total of nine different options to customize Blaze.

Special Edition Gold Series – An increasingly versatile style
Fitbit wide its product lines and Fitbit Fitbit High Blaze with the long-awaited Special Edition Gold Series, with luxury materials plated in 22K gold for a truly elegant look. Also available new leather straps and a modern leisure nylon strap for everyday for Fitbit Blaze.
High Special Edition Gold Series (€ 149.99) – a sleek device, hand-polished, available with strap Fitness classic black or pink. You can even turn your device into a hard gem with the new High Luxe Metal Bangle gold plated steel (€ 129.99).

High Luxe Metal Bangle Hand-polished silver-plated steel (€ 89.99) is also available for the silver device Alta, to create a chic jewel.
Blaze Special Edition Gold Series (€ 239.99) – a golden brushed stainless steel case with tapered pink strap for those who want a slimmer profile. Or combining a Blaze only with the golden case and a black tapered strap or pink (€ 99.99).
Blaze other accessories including a new leather strap thin camel with silver stainless steel case (€ 89.99), and the new leisure collection of nylon straps khaki or olive green (€ 49.99, not including cash)
Fitbit High
New collections of fashion accessories
Fitbit continues to forge strategic partnerships with leading designers and fashion brands that allow you to express your own personal style, while maintaining a healthy and active life – without having to choose between fitness and style. Among these, the collections will be available in collaboration with:
PUBLIC SCHOOL: mixing urban style and elegance, the style of the Alta Fitbit accessories ranging from high fashion straps to the more sporty, contemporary and sophisticated, made of steel or nylon.
Tory Burch and Fitbit consolidate their cooperation with a unique style, in bracelets in metal mesh. In the style typical tomboy Tory Burch, these accessories turn Fitbit High in a truly chic accessory for the office and leisure, for the day and for the evening. Thanks to the revolutionary series of accessories for Fitbit Flex 2014, the Tory Burch collection for Fitbit has been met with great enthusiasm for its balance between fitness and fashion.
Fitbit High and Blaze Special Edition Gold Series and other accessories presented now available for pre-order on the official website. In Italy, new accessories will be available from September.

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