Fitbit Blaze

So far they had launched various devices such as smart watches and bracelets to get in shape by walking or running. But now, Fitbit just introduced its latest innovation in the sector. This is the Smart Watch Fitbit Fitness Blaze, consisting of a SmartWatch is especially granted for fitness and get fit through this type of physical activity and other sports.


This new watch is presented as the most intelligent functions for their activity monitor. Including, for example, is functionality FiStar by Fitbit, to visualize the exercises on the screen and show instructions guided and animated images for heating with eight minutes training with seven minutes and ten minute abs. Each exercise is free and allows access anytime.

Fitbit Blaze 2

Fitbit Blaze

It also has GPS connected to provide statistics in real time and exercise data such as distance, pace, kilometers per minute … Some statistics are synchronized wirelessly with the Fitbit interface for consultation.

The watch has PurePulse to monitor the heart rate from the wrist and get the most out of training with heart rate zones simplified to maintain the intensity of the activity and follow calories burned, among other benefits.

Fitbit Blaze, the smartwatcher for fitness
SmartTrack does not need to recognize automatically exercise such as cycling, hiking, kickboxing, Zumba, tennis, basketball … and increase motivation to exercise and record all your data to achieve the objectives. With multisport mode it is possible to record specific activities such as cycling, cardio, running, yoga … and have statistics in real time.

Moreover, as other mobile devices, they have introduced features to alert notification calls, text messages, calendar … The battery can last up to five days, so that they can be connected both day and night.


The design of this smart watch is versatile to suit the style of each person. In fact, it is launched with bracelets and interchangeable covers. The color touch screen is also available and there are a number of areas.

Price and Availability

The Smart Watch Fitbit Fitness Blaze is ready for your reservation. Its commercial launch will occur in March 2016. The price is 229.95 euros.

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