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Fitbit has announced the availability of new features for users of the platform in the world that will make it even easier and intelligent monitoring of the training.
Fitbit introduces SmartTrack, the automatic recognition of the training and makes it even more precise measurement of the heart rate based on proprietary technology PurePulse product Fitbit Fitbit Surge and Charge HR, respectively bracelet fitness and sports watch with GPS world’s best selling. And more announces “Objectives of Training” within the application Free Fitbit to help users find the most suitable routine to them and to motivate them every day to achieve personalized goals.


SmartTrack allows to monitor physical activity in an easy and intelligent, understanding how their efforts to build up to reach the goals we took places. SmartTrack automatically recognizes the training selected and record them in your Fitbit:
Automatic detection of physical activity – SmartTrack automatically recognizes the constant movement when wearing Fitbit Charge HR or Fitbit Surge. Identifies the type of activity and logged in the Fitbit along with other information such as duration, calories burned and heart rate statistics. SmartTrack is able to identify a wide range of activities, including elliptical, bike, running, walking and general categories of aerobic activities (such as Zumba, cardio-kickboxing, and other types of dance) and sports (eg tennis, basketball and calcium).
Custom settings – As the perception of each compared to physical activity is different, users can select the type of activities they will consider how training and regular as they must move before that activity can be recorded in your Fitbit. Normally the activities are recorded automatically when users remain active for at least 15 minutes.
The measurement technology heartbeat PurePulse – owned by Fitbit – has been updated to allow users to have a better cardiac monitoring during and after high intensity activity like boot camp and Zumba. The update is activated using the Training Mode of Fitbit Charge HR and Sports mode Multiple Surge of Fitbit. Optical technology PurePulse allows users to have continuous monitoring and automatic wrist heart rate, even in moments of rest, as well as statistics on heart rate over time – without the need of an uncomfortable chest strap. Fitbit is dedicated to developing the Activity Tracker heart rate wrist more precise on the market. This software update is to improve an already rich than the monitoring of the heartbeat.
Fitbit Charge Surge Mandarin
Goals Training, available free to all users and devices Fitbit app, are monitored daily on the basis of weekly goals and according to the day scheduled for training. Goals Training encourage people to adopt a more consistent workout routine to meet business goals and can be customized by choosing the amount of training days per week and the types of activities. Progress is shown in the application Fitbit. To track progress toward a goal chosen Fitbit users can:
Charge HR and Fitbit Fitbit Surge: use SmartTrack or monitor activity using the Training Mode, Sports Mode or Multiple MobileRun; or manually adjust a workout in Fitbit application.
Fitbit Charge: monitor activity using the Training Mode, MobileRun, or manually adjust a workout in Fitbit application.
Flex Fitbit, Fitbit One, Fitbit Zip: monitor activity using MobileRun or record a workout manually within the application Fitbit.
Software updates and SmartTrack PurePulse are free and available worldwide for all users of Fitbit Charge HR and Fitbit Surge. Even Goals of training are available worldwide to all users free of Fitbit application for iOS and Windows, soon also for Android. These innovative features will also be available on all new tracker Fitbit Fitbit Surge and Charge HR. Also, just in time for the holidays, and Fitbit Fitbit Charge HR Surge will be available in new colors blue and tangerine, and only Fitbit Charge HR in teal.

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