Freedom 251

Earlier this year we met a new smartphone of Eastern origin that had no great hardware but a great price: $ 4. A price that freaked everybody to the point that even local and national authorities investigated the announcement and crowdfunding campaign if it was a scam.

Fortunately it was not a scam, but will not go as expected. Freedom 251 goes on sale for $ 4, but will not have a big screen nor have a big hardware, it will not be easy to conseguir.SegĂșn commented Mohit Goel, CEO Bells, the company that created this device has been unable to do so as he wanted but the price and the terminal there, being later this month when the first units of Freedom 251 will be sent.

Freedom 251

Freedom 251 will be sold to 4 dollars per unit but will have to wait for it
The number of units will be limited to 200,000 units per month and the first shipment will be the number to be sent, so if you really apostastéis by the terminal, will have to wait some time before ye receive the terminal and if you are interested in get one (or more), will have to wait because we imagine that every month sales will fly, since although the terminal can not make shadow the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, if that price be worth a try and at least buy it.

There is currently a waiting list of 70 million orders terminals, so the wait will be long, but in the meantime, the company also wants to enter the world of smart TVs, which will introduce in India with an affordable price, but Do we really come to cost 4 or 7 dollars? Is a milestone in the market? Will they manage to expand shipments terminals 251 Freedom?

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