FSP Hydro G 650 Watt

FSP Group is a Taiwanese company, founded in 1993, it specializes in the development and manufacture of power systems for the different types of PC systems on the market. The company produces solutions ranging from traditional desktop systems, even small delivery size, up to the server for high-power power supplies without neglecting the notebook solutions. FSP Group develops and manufactures power supplies for a large number of companies who then resell them to their own brand models in the retail market, but has also developed a number of models in its marcho among which we highlight the range Hydro G.

FSP Hydro G 650 Watt 3

FSP Hydro G 650 Watt 2

FSP Hydro G 650 Watt

This family includes three models at the present time, characterized respectively by power of 650 Watt, 750 Watt and 850 Watt. If the quality of a power supply is typically linked to the internal components with which it is built, the external appearance is what can characterize a model compared to other similar in the market positioning, although it is difficult at the moment to go beyond the typical dimesioni squared. Hydro G FPS has chosen to offer three different identification sticker that can be attached on the side, in different colors so as to be combined with the interior design chosen for the other system components such as the video card and motherboard.

The fan by 135 mm integrated in this power supply has a principle of type smart operation: as long as the system does not require 30% of the maximum power remains off, so as to minimize the noise when the PC is not involved in the execution of applications demanding in terms of computing power. Once you started the fan is switched off again, automatically, when the load level drops below 20% of maximum.

The construction provides a design that comes from the industrial world, the one of the power supplies for server systems that historically is one of the markets in which FSP is committed. This allows to obtain certification 80 Plus for this model, with an efficiency that exceeds 90% in many conditions of use. FSP has opted for a modular design, easy installation inside the houses: they are used only the necessary connectors, avoiding additional cables are present within the chassis partially obstructing the flow of cooling air.

We’ve got to use this power supply inside a content management system, equipped with Intel Core i7 processor and a video card GeForce GTX 970 OC and used to drive a display for virtual reality HTC Vive. We have not highlighted any problems during the test with Hydro G 650 Watt: the operation has always been silent and we have no evidence of instability during use.

The power of 650 watts is more than enough to drive a high-end desktop CPU system also 8-core and top of the range video card PCI Express slot. The higher power versions, respectively, of 750 watts and 850 watts of power, are indicated in the presence of more complex configurations, such as those in which are matched its average end video cards using the AMD Crossfire or NVIDIA SLI technology depending the type of model chosen.

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