Garmin fēnix 3 Sapphire HR

Garmin is also present in Las Vegas for CES 2016. The booth features new devices for the field of sport and the outdoors since the renewed series of SportWatch Fenix ​​3 Sapphire which is enriched with three additional models: Fenix ​​3 Sapphire HR , powered by Garmin High for detecting heart rate directly to the wrist, Fenix ​​3 Sapphire Titanium case with fiberglass, ring and bracelet in titanium, and Fenix ​​3 Gray Leather Band Sapphire with genuine leather strap or black nylon, a combination of technology and high-level design. Also new sport profiles for golf, boating and even SUP (stand up paddling) available with the free software update.

The SportWatch Garmin Fenix ​​3 addresses the most demanding athlete seeking a tool to improve your fitness and get results in higher performance. The innovative version Fenix ​​3 Sapphire HR is characterized by proprietary technology that allows detection High Garmin heart rate directly to the wrist. With this solution, you can monitor your heart without the chest belt during sports, having always available important data.
The series Fenix ​​3 Sapphire is not only sophisticated in terms of technology, but also aesthetically. Sees in fact the use of refined materials and precious, from the lens scratchproof sapphire until titanium ring and bracelet which are made of Fenix ​​3 Sapphire Titanium, guaranteeing an extremely light, yet highly resistant to shocks, falls and abrasions. Fenix ​​3 Sapphire is now also available with a wrap around strap in black nylon or leather version Gray Leather Band.

Garmin fēnix 3 Sapphire HR 2

Garmin fēnix 3 Sapphire HR

With the series Garmin Fenix ​​3 Sapphire, the SportWatch is no longer just a functional and indispensable companion of sporting competitions and training, but a real must-have to wear in their daily lives. As a real smartwatch, solid structure and indestructible, will handle Smart Notification to receive alerts from your smartphone push notifications, SMS, incoming calls and e-mails. It also works as a fitness band, providing the wearer indication of the number of steps taken during the day, the total distance traveled, calories burned at midnight, the flights of stairs climbed, evaluating the basal metabolic rate more caloric consumption deriving from Physical recorded, the daily goal to be reached and its countdown of steps still to go.

Applied to running or trail running, with the new dynamics of the race advanced Fenix ​​3 Sapphire HR the athlete will have even more information and details about their running technique wearing a headband HRM-RUN. In particular:
Stride length: the extension of the athlete’s stride in real time.
Balance right / left foot in contact with the ground: the time in which the individual feet remain in contact with the ground measured in milliseconds.
Vertical ratio: the ratio of vertical oscillation of the torso and stride length, useful for evaluating the efficiency of the race.
Through innovative physiological measurements you will instead indications of:
Anaerobic Threshold: estimate the anaerobic threshold of the athlete based on heart rate and pitch.
Stress Score: measures the heart rate variability before a workout and evaluate the overall level of “condition” of the athlete.
The new Fenix ​​3 Sapphire include innovative mode “sport” for the disciplines of course, stand up puddle and boating. Through the renewed application Garmin Connect Mobile, fans of the green will have maps of over 40,000 fields worldwide, information on their features (holes, obstacles, lengths, etc.) and be able to use the instrument as a digital scorecard. Those who practice instead stand up paddle or rowing, may instead have information on paddling made, cadence and distance thanks to the built-in metronome. The latter functions, combined with the new dynamics of race and advanced physiological measurements, will be available for free by downloading the software upgrade for owners of previous Fenix ​​3, in order to enable each user to be in step with technology Garmin.
Even new Fenix ​​3 Sapphire are compatible with the Garmin IQ platform through which you can customize the tool with applications, widgets, screens and new data fields, so as to make it more functional for your needs. The new Fenix ​​3 Sapphire will be available in the best stores from February 2016 a suggested retail price of 599 Euros for 3 Fenix ​​Sapphire HR, 799 Euros for Fenix ​​3 Titanium and 599 Euros for 3 Fenix ​​Sapphire with nylon straps and leather

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