Garmin vívoactive HR

Garmin VivoActive HR is the ideal companion to track physical activity into their daily lives, allowing the wearer to monitor their progress, including with regard to the objectives that are set daily. Sophisticated ergonomic design, making it ideal to be worn every day, works like a real band at their fitness by counting steps, distance, calories burned and also plans climbed stairs. Durations night analyzes the quality of nocturnal sleep. The smartwatch VivoActive HR provides proprietary technology High Garmin, thanks to which it is able to detect the heart rate directly at the wrist without the aid of a heart rate monitor (may still be associated at a later time to a band through protocol ANT +). The “Activity Intensity” function alerts as you approach the threshold of 150 minutes of exercise, time weekly minimum recommended by the World Health Organization to devote to physical activity.

Associating and synchronizing through Garmin Connect smartphone application, keeping it open in the background, VivoActive HR will automatically download all the data recorded during the day on their profile Garmin Connect, to have a clear idea of ​​their level of physical activity. Via the new Garmin Insights, they will be provided useful tips on how to stay fit, tips on sleep, nutrition and more.
Garmin vívoactive HR
Garmin VivoActive HR is a real smartwatch and is therefore able to manage Smart Notification: receives and displays incoming calls, text messages, e-mail notifications from your social network and notify through a vibrating alert. You will also have weather information, check the music stored on your smartphone remotely. And in case you can not find more than your phone, in the space of 20 meters, the HR VivoActive will ring making it easier to locate it. With integrated GPS, VivoActive HR can be used in the practice of different sports for information on performance and achievements during training or competition:

Running – Thanks to GPS and built-in accelerometer, VivoActive HR is able to provide data on the race either outdoors or in the gym. It has the Auto Lap, Auto Pause, and provides audible alerts. After each session, it provides the summary with data on total distance, calories burned, average pace, and total duration.
Cycling – Through the profile for cycling, VivoActive HR data records of distance, speed and calories burned. It is compatible with the speed sensor / cadence and the system of lights and radar Varia purchased separately.
Swimming pool – In addition to measuring the total time and intervals, distance, pace and count and type of strokes, through the profile for swimming you can analyze the swolf index to get feedback on the efficiency of your swim . It does not detect the cardio underwater.

Golf – On the green measures the firing range, while with the Green View function from the real vision of the green you are. With PinPointer, you can manually place the pin and predict the shot with pinpoint accuracy.
Stand Up Paddle, Canoeing / Rowing machine – for clues of rhythm, time, distance, counting paddle strokes, as well as frequency and distance covered. Using an indoor rowing machine, it will be possible to obtain time, counting of the number and the frequency between each paddle.

Ski and snowboard – The application for skiing and snowboarding is able to provide information on speed 3-D, calculating the speed and distance of an inclined plane with respect to latitude and longitude. The Auto Pause function automatically stops the timer when you stop skiing or using the lifts.

Thanks to the new IQ MOVE function, VivoActive HR is able to automatically recognize the activity practiced, while with the Broadcast HR function of the heart rate sharing it can extend the cardio detection even to a GPS device as if you were wearing a headband thoracic, or an Edge to a VARY VISION when pedals or un’action room VIRB®. Finally, through the LiveTrack function, friends and family can follow in real time the wearer during a run or output cycling on Garmin Connect. The recorded data are displayed on the large Garmin Chroma color display, clear and perfectly readable in all conditions of ambient light, even under direct sunlight. Through Connect IQ Platform, you can customize your device with apps, widgets, data fields and also fun and original screens. VivoActive HR has a battery that lasts up to 8 days in clock / Fitness mode band and with recognition of the active heart rate, when used with active GPS stays on for up to 13 hours. Through Garmin Connect and free Garmin community dedicated to the world of fitness and sport, it will be possible to analyze in detail the recorded data, share them with friends or other Garmin users, and much more.

Garmin VivoActive HR will be available at retail outlets from April 2016 at a suggested retail price of 269,99 Euro available in both the regular version that extra large. Will also be available replaceable black straps, white, yellow, and red for a suggested retail price of 29.99 euros

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