Garmin vívofit junior

Between increasing commitments to school and the hours spent watching television, children of our cities are likely to know a sedentary lifestyle even before middle school. To counter this widespread phenomenon and encourage physical activity, Garmin has vívofit junior, the first fitness band designed and dedicated to the world of children, to help them have a healthy way of life and increasingly active, motivating them to achieve several daily goals as in a fun game.

The simple design, inspired by that of the fitness of the big band and the soft washable silicone strap and without closure make vívofit junior comfortable and easy to wear even the smallest items. It is water resistant, so they can also be worn in the shower or in the summer fun water games. The graphics imaginative and colorful and the technological aspect that is so pleasing to the younger generation, they will ensure that vívofit become junior partner of their every outdoor adventure. Ready to use right out of the box, the Garmin Fitness band provides a replaceable battery with a life of up to one year, without the need for recharging.
Garmin vívofit junior

In addition to monitor and track the number of steps taken, the quality of sleep and the child’s daily activity level mobility (walking, running, playing etc) based on the recommended value of 60 minutes per day, vívofit junior has a backlit screen on which the motivational band that stimulates the child to leave the couch, TV and tablet to leave the house to do some ‘healthy movement appears. It can be customized with the name of its owner, as well as you can choose from different animals on the screen indicating the total number of steps taken. The calendar and the beeps that signal the achievement of the goal set in the day, completing the junior vívofit description.
Garmin has created an application dedicated to the new entry in vívofit family, through which parents can view the data recorded by the device directly to your smartphone. But not only, the app is also a valuable tool for mom and dad to motivate the children to overcome their limitations and improve every day: games, family charts and rewards will help to keep their children active with fun.

Through the application compatible with Android and iOS systems and can be downloaded after making an account at Garmin Connect, mom and dad not only can easily keep controlled the level of physical activity of their children, even several at a time, but also motivate them to more and reach new goals. It will be fun to discover, for example, before going to bed, if you have reached the 60 minutes of daily activities that give the right to advance to a box on a nice adventure trail displayed on the smartphone display. Riddles, illustrations and funny cartoons, will encourage the little ones to work even harder to achieve the goal the next day, to see what hides under a new box, and advance towards the final goal.

Garmin vívofit junior will educate not only to have a more active lifestyle, but also to empower children. Parents, in fact, thanks to the app, will be able to draw up a customized list of tasks and goals for children, such as making the bed, help to clear or settle the bedroom. Complete one of these chores will give the right to a reward in the form of coins “digital.” These, they will settle into a virtual piggy bank, will grow a real treasure and will be “charge” in awards that parents will have budgeted, like buying a toy or go see a movie at the cinema.

Garmin vívofit junior is suitable for children aged 4 to 9 years and is available in three variants: Lava, with a graphic triangles on a red background; Camo, with graphics to “pixels” on a green background; Flower, with a female graphics roses pink and blue on a white background. This strap in the package fits wrists up to 145 mm. Provided an XL version with strap that fits wrists from 146 to 170 mm in circumference. For larger wrists, they may be used interchangeable straps of the fitness band Garmin vívofit 3.

Garmin vívofit junior will be available at retail outlets from October at a suggested retail price of 99.99 €.

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