Garmin Vivohub 2

Established in 1989, Garmin has always been involved in technologies of aviation and commercial GPS, and today is one of the most respected names in the field of satellite navigation. In over thirty years of activity, however, the Swiss company has also faced major challenges has entered the mobile phone market with Nuvifone, a mobile-navigation system then foundered, and was launched with some success in the world of wearable, with a full range of smartwatch for professional and amateur athletes, and cameras for cars.

Garmin Vivohub 2

The last frontier is given by TV Stick: Garmin Vivohub 2 is not official yet, but at this time has been certified by FCC engineers, who describe it as an Android device that turns “the TV into a Smart TV multifunctional”. The hardware equipment is not “trendy”: has a dual-core Amlogic AML8726 (Cortex-A9) with 1GHz ARM Mali-400, 1GB of RAM, WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth. In practice, Vivohub 2 has the same technical features of a TV Stick with a few years of life, but it’s still interesting, considering that the company that produces it (or sell?) Is no stranger to the sector.

Garmin Vivohub 2 is based on Android Google TV, but features the same operating system that you can normally find in a smartphone or tablet, with the advantage of being able to more easily use the keyboard and mouse (via Bluetooth or USB) instead of remote control. Leafing through the pages of the manual, we find that the key runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, an OS rather dated but should still allow playback of music and video files from an SD card, connect via USB storage and streaming from the Internet (Youtube , Netflix …). The launch is scheduled for the beginning of the year? You can bet!

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