Geeksme GME1

Striking at first glance. The Geeksme GME1 is a smart watch with a curious concept. This does not include notifications on your phone or tablet, but allows you to keep track of your sexual activity. If you’re a passionate person, you’ll keep a detailed account of your sexual encounters, its intensity or the calories consumed during the event. Other features of this clock include a step counter, measuring the quality of sleep or a tool to know the environmental impact of our habits. And all with a dedicated app for both Android and iOS with a very attractive interface. The GM1 Geeksme pack is available with three different straps for a price of 100 euros. We tell you all the details.

Geeksme GME1

The market is filled with all kinds of watches with advanced features. Some are designed to complete the experience of your phone and offer many features, such as the Samsung S2 Gear. Still others focus on measuring our physical activity. But among these devices it has crept original proposal, with an intermediate concept. This is the Geeksme GME1, a watch that has four main tools. The most striking is undoubtedly meter sexual activity that serves to keep a record of our sexual encounters. Since the clock we can see the intensity of each meeting, calories burned or general assessment of effort.

Geeksme GME1

The second tool allows us to analyze our environmental impact. The use of water, food, transport, recycling and home: Through a questionnaire, different habits in five different areas studied. Here we will have questions as long as we use to shower (or if we take baths), the number of electronic devices in the home or our preferred means of transport. After making the questionnaire see a score on our ecological footprint and tips to improve this section.

Another feature that could not miss on a SmartWatch is the meter of our physical activity. This tool counts the number of steps we do and allows us to keep track throughout the day. Finally, we have a tool to analyze the quality of our sleep data as the time it took to sleep, or the time we slept soundly. All this is controlled through an app available for Android and iOS. And here we have one of the great successes of the watch, because the interface of this application seems very neat and attractive, with four distinct tools. By the way, the clock data is synchronized via Bluetooth.

The Geeksme GME1 uses a circular with dimensions of 32 x 32 x 9.5 mm and a very low weight of 12 grams metal piece screen. This is combined with one of the four interchangeable straps available (all fall within the purchase) in black, green, gray and purple hues. The belts have a dimension of 254 x 18 mm and a weight of 14.3 grams. According to the Spanish company, we can use the clock to five or six days per charge. The Geeksme GME1 and can be found in the market for a price of 100 euros.

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