GeForce GTX 1060

NVIDIA prepares these days, together with its AIB partners, the debut of the first on the market GeForce GTX graphics cards 1060. These solutions will be offered in the market segment between € 250 and € 300 in the domestic market, boasting a video memory allocation of 6 Gbytes with GP106 GPU with 1280 stream processors in-house.

We will see the debut also a version with a lower amount of video memory for this card? According to recent rumors, the answer is positive: it speaks of a GeForce 1060 GTX card with 3 Gbytes of video memory, which in addition to halving the amount of memory would be characterized by a reduction in the number of stream processors.

YES speaks of a GP106 GPU declination GP106-300, has within itself of 1,152 stream processors against 1,280 of the GP-106-400 version used in the GeForce 1060 GTX cards from 6 Gbytes.

The reduction in the number of stream processors which has implication also a decline in the number of TMU, which rose from 80 to 72 while keeping the internal relations of the total number of stream processors integrated into the GPU. It does not change the amount of ROPs which should continue to be equal to 48. The work on memory provides as signaled its reduction to half as quantity, notwithstanding the magnitude of the amount to 192bit bus.

The clock frequencies of the GPU and memory are currently not known, but it is conceivable that they can be reduced so as to obtain benefits that are not too close to those of declination with 6 Gbytes. No details are not even on the price: indicates a figure of $ 149, excluding taxes, in the North American market which would be aligned with the expected price for the Radeon card RX 470 expected to debut in the coming weeks

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