Giada Technology N60E-O

Giada Technology, the industry leader in embedded and expert systems in server technology, today officially announced the compact server N60E-O for storage applications in the hot cloud with Intel Xeon-D processors offer scalable performance by a factor small form thanks to its manufacturing process 14 nm.

Balancing the value, performance and integration, Giada N60E-O has a Xeon-D processor based on the core Broadwell-DE inside that is designed for enterprise storage applications particularly warm basic level of data storage. The Xeon D-1540 has within 8 cores with 16 threads of processing data in parallel, all with impressive with a TDP of only 45 W getting a great balance between power consumption and performance, creating a configuration highly efficient in their daily operations.

Besides sporting a double RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet via the controller i210 Intel, the Giada N60E-O also has two 10-Gigabit (10 Gbps) SFP + connectivity through the SOC, which allows greater bandwidth and transfer efficiency . Users can now achieve higher bandwidth with a substantially lower latency.

Giada Technology N60E-O

The Giada N60E-O has six SATA3 6Gbps connectors for maximum storage capacity. Users can also upgrade to a 12G solution through PCIe expansion slot and get a higher yield of Giada N60E-O in dense storage applications. M.2 slot board expands internal storage for transferring responsiveness and faster system and compatible with both SATA and PCIe with up to 4 GB / s transfer rate. Two USB 3.0 ports also provide expansion capabilities for storage and are perfect for system maintenance and internal security copies via USB 3.0 devices.

The low power consumption and low heat generation Xeon processor-D makes it a component of high efficiency and low maintenance, which reduces the need for maintenance and is completely designed by engineers for 24/7 operation Giada solid as a rock. Tested with the durability and stability in mind, Giada card designs N60E-S server dedicated to help achieve this objective components.

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