Gigabyte X99 and Z170 Ultra Gaming

Gigabyte Technology has announced its partnership with EK Water Blocks to launch during the month of August and only in Europe limited editions of some of its motherboards (specifically the Gigabyte X99-Ultra Gaming and Z170X-Gaming 7) to come with a block water nickel, made clear by EK water Blocks, adorned with a custom design motif Gigabyte G1 family.

The water block is made of nickel-plated copper in one piece, and is compatible with virtually any custom liquid cooling system, especially EK Water Blocks. This water block engine uses the award-winning EVO EK-Supremacy to ensure the best cooling performance even for those users who use end processors with high levels of overclocking. In addition, this water block not only cools the processor system, but also the MOSFETs of the plate to ensure the best system stability when overclocking.

Gigabyte X99 and Z170 Ultra Gaming 2

In fact, both GIGABYTE motherboards are designed so that you can easily integrate any liquid cooling system in them, but of course, when they come in a limited edition with the block already prepared specifically for the board and also the processor cools the voltage regulation module so much the better. Logically it is aimed at enthusiasts and overclockers, but in theory the price increase that will be exactly the same as if the plate and the water block is purchased separately.

Yes, but Gigabyte has said that this will be a limited edition stock (ie, when units are completed will not sell more) and only during the month of August, have not revealed when hit stores or what final price, so we have to wait to unveil these unknowns.

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