Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Let’s talk about Google Glass, one of Google projects that most caught the attention of the public and fans, only to subside in the initial flop represented by the Glass Explorer Edition. Last year we saw how the Glass project received new life, thanks to the important change of target which led to the creation of a new variant called Google Glass Enterprise Edition, of course dedicated to the business world and thus to all potential partners Google has gathered under the Google for Work program.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition

Despite the news about the existence of Google Glass EE were abundant, their name was never confirmed officially, at least until now. Google has published new information concerning the safety of the new Glass and, for the first time, he explicitly used the name Glass Enterprise Edition to refer to its futuristic wearable. The support page not only confirms the name of Glass, but also puts us aware of the existence of an external battery pack, called Enterprise Edition Wearable Battery Pack, a virtually indispensable accessory in order to use the smart glasses at work without having worry autonomy.

Google Glass is now a project that is very removed from what it was at first; perhaps finally found a real placement in the market due to the business world and hyper-specialized professions, areas where the ethical problems and of places privacy from the first model are not crucial to the success of the product. Now we need to follow their evolution from a distance.

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