GoPro Hero 5 display touch screen

IFA 2016 is coming, but this year also falls to brush the Photokina in Cologne, two good chances for GoPro and the eventual launch of waiting Hero 5 new generation. Reddit comes from a very short video showing some of the software features a small glimpse of the interface and the back of this alleged action camera, finally with LCD display integrated touch screen.

No certainty, it is clear, it could easily be a graphics processing developed by fans, but this further evolutionary step is quite plausible given the competition that drives the need for innovation. In the video you can see how to connect the camera via the application, we glimpsed the physical button for shooting / recording in the upper right and a case that should not have received particular aesthetic interpretations.

GoPro Hero 5 display touch screen

There are rumors of a waterproof shell without the need of the classic protective homes, just like the cheaper GoPro model. The category GoPro Sniper remains a mystery, we do not know what can be treated, we’ll find out soon. No mention is the latest key video, clear that there will be the 4K at a good frame rate, there will be plenty of other options to slow motion and timelapse

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